The reason for writing this book

The last half of the author’s forty-year ministry in inner city missions was devoted to teaching forgiveness.    During that time, deep truths developed that revolutionized the life of the author and those he ministered to.

During group meetings in churches in the area, the author would share some of the experiences and truths that he regularly gave to the addicts and hurting men of the inner city.   The church and group members were impacted by the same message as a cure for the hang-ups they faced.  They encouraged the author to write these principles and lessons in written form so that all Christians of every level could find the same cure for their afflictions and hang-ups.

It became a mission of the author to share this message with as many as possible and as far and wide as could be carried on the wings of a book.  It is the author’s purpose to help hurting Christian sojourners seeking answers to the difficulties they have living the Christian life.