Being God

Stealing God’s Power, Glory and Kingdom.

Exposing man’s failure to let God be God. 25% OFF just $10

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Even though we acknowledge God as owner of the universe, we do not live out that fact in our daily lives. We have a tendency to own ourselves which makes us our own God in practice.

C. S. Lewis alluded to God’s ownership in his writings, but this is the first work to explore the details and explain its importance and impact on your lives. The author uses scripture and the original languages to disclose what first century Christians knew, but we have lost over time by our own desire to avoid knowing what God really wants from us. Being God is a unique and refreshing look at our true relationship with our creator and savior.

The real question in the Garden of Eden was who the rule-maker would be. Only the owner has the power to make the rules. Adam changing the rule was not just a flaw in behavior classified as a misdemeanor, but the felony of grand theft of God’s power to make the rules. Adam was stealing God’s position as owner of the garden and rule-maker. We still suffer under that original mistake of thinking we own ourselves and everything around us. We still live a though we own and direct our own life ignoring the creator who is the true owner.

The author dives deep into the subject of God’s ownership revealing the depth of our division with our creator and why we struggle to know and serve God. Without understanding the true nature of our division with God, we can never come to truly understand who God really is. Without understanding God’s position, the abundant life will always be out of reach.

Being God contains the cause and cure for midlife crisis and burnout. The “Mystery of God” is finally within our understanding. The understanding of this truth is the foundation for being able to see the entire plan of God and grasp the whole of the scriptures. This truth lived out in the lives of the first century Christians turned the world upside down. Since we have lost this truth, the world has turned us upside down. Elevating God to His rightful position as owner is the foundation of humility and the only way to defeat pride.