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Terry Stueck holds degrees in Psychology and Theology.  Terry has extensive experience ministering to inner-city rescue missions in Chicago, Albuquerque, and Atlanta.  Terry and his wife live in Atlanta, Georgia.

He is the author of Being God: Stealing God’s Power, Glory and Kingdom, and Forgive Instantly & Live Free. Terry is a 1970 graduate of Missouri State University and a 1973 graduate of Faith Theological Seminary.  He began inner-city mission work in 1973 at the Bible Rescue Mission in the heart of Chicago’s infamous “skid row” and the Pacific Garden Mission on Chicago’s south side.  His missionary service extends from the inner-cities, to church planting, church rescue, and military installations at home and abroad.  In 1997, he founded High Plains Bible Mission in New Mexico as an outreach to native Pueblo and inner-city homeless communities.  He currently serves as director of the mission.

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