High Plains Bible Mission has a fund for purchasing books to donate to the Federal and State Prison Libraries. If you would like to purchase copies of Forgive Instantly & Live Free and have them shipped to prisons, you may use the order button at the bottom of this page.

This fund is for specific book purchases going out to the 4500 prisons, jails, and penal libraries across America. High Plains Bible Mission is endeavoring to place 4 copies in every prison library in America. We currently have copies in over half the jails and prisons in America.

These copies must be shipped directly from the publisher in order to be accepted by the prison inspector. High Plains Bible Mission pays the shipping. Click here for the book review.

The following is a Thank You note from the men at Walker State Prison, Georgia Dept. of Corrections.

Walker State Seminar

Please list a specific prison if you wish. High Plains has the addresses of all the prisons and the proper channel through the Chaplains for the books to be sent. If you do not specify a prison, the books will be delivered in person by the author at the next scheduled seminar the author is scheduled at in the prison ministry rotation.

Book Choices