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Prison Seminars are given free, no travel expenses or lodging expenses are requested.  Twelve books will be donated to the prison library at the time of the seminar.   High Plains Bible Mission and Terry Stueck will donate time, travel and books to any Federal or State Prison in the United States and Canada.  It is our mission to give a hand to the down and out with an opportunity to seek and obtain the very key to peace in the heart and on earth, the forgiveness of Jesus and the forgiving of others.

Request a seminar with Terry Stueck, author of Forgive Instantly & Live Free.

A Note of thanks from the men at Walker State Prison, Rock Springs, Georgia Dept. of Corrections

Walker State Seminar medium


Terry Stueck is director of High Plains Bible Mission. His background as a pastor, missionary and recovery counselor give him a unique perspective to deliver the 1st century truths of the Christian life that are the POWER of the Gospel to totally transform lives.

Terry’s presentations to non-profits, churches, prisons and corporations motivate and enlighten the audiences to new goals and heights they previously had never dreamed possible. His basic presentation of the principles laid out in the Sermon on the Mount cure anger and bring the stress of life into a new perspective that transforms the most difficult case into a life of peace with others. The listener is able to set new personal goals that transform the inner person. Attendees report a peace with themselves that transfers to peace with others. When members of an audience like themselves, they are able to raise the bar to a new standard of liking others.

Write Terry and request dates and times with the following link: Terry Stueck

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