By continuing the error of Adam in the Garden—stepping into God’s role as rule-maker—we are left to live in the wilderness and never discover the our true relationship with God.
To understand the true nature of God and be able to walk with Him peacefully in the cool of the day like Adam is possible by coming to know and live the principles of God’s ownership.
• Know and live the Abundant Life
• Find the Place of Rest of Hebrews 4:9
• Live in the spiritual Promised Land

“Terry highlights the reality that we, unwittingly, continue to steal God’s position, power, and glory just as Adam did in the Garden. Terry gives us the tools to set us on the road to experience the relationship Adam had with God before the Fall.”
—Thomas E. Gurganus, Wake Forest, NC

“Terry Stueck has placed an explosive book at the base of a cultural mountain of lies that has been ignored for decades. How refreshing to read a work that identifies the One Who owns it all!”
—Dave Lewis, The Basic Idea Ministries, Inc., Cleveland, GA

“A refreshing perspective out of Terry’s humility and personal story telling flow encouragements to discover true identity in Jesus.”
—Dr. Michael G. Martin, Vinton, IA

“A unique work that clearly explains the ‘Abundant Life’ in a form that is attainable and easy to read.”
—Mark A. Gulledge, Canton, GA

“Hidden by our own blindness and refusal to see the truth of the principle of God’s ownership, one will never know the Abundant Life until this truth is discovered and accepted.”
—Dr. Mark J. Yanta, Alpharetta, GA

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