High Plains Bible Mission Publishing ships direct to prison inmates.   Use the purchase button below to pay on PayPal or credit card.  In the detail messages with the purchase, please list the inmates number and facility.  List the address if you have it.  We will verify address before shipping and will have all facility addresses if you not know the post drop of a particular prison.  Your address has to be listed as the purchaser so your credit card or PayPal will accept payment, so list the inmate number and facility in the message box that accompanies the order.

The author conducts three-hour seminars in prisons. The impact of this message, in the book or from the seminar is a game changer for the future of inmates. They get the tools they need to stay calm and collected outside the bars so they can get back on a normal life track. Please order a copy for yourself on the main page so you can share with inmates the views and lessons learned. You will both benefit as you grow together in a whole new approach to LIFE.

Inmate direct mail from publisher

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